Quality Seasoned Firewood

Flame dance Firewood

A serious, Well thought out firewood business

The Wood

Oak - several species
16" lengths and approximately 3" x 4" to 4" x 4"
Seasoning - split wood air dried at least 10-12 months
Different quantities available

The Safety

There is nothing better than a winter fire in a wood stove or fireplace. With a yearly chimney sweeping, the presence of a fire extinguisher, and use of properly seasoned wood, a warm hearth will be nothing but inviting.

Seasoning = value

Most buyers are primarily concerned with cost, delivery, and kind of wood. Well seasoned firewood is essential for your family’s safety and enjoyment!

Buy local

When it comes to firewood, buying local isn’t just “in”, it is safe. Firewood that is transported from outside its state of origin may carry pests dangerous to local trees. So when buying – ask, is this wood local?